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Here are some links I've come across that I liked. If you have any others you'd like me to see, let me know. I will only put on links that I like or I think have good information. As with everything on my site, please let me know if any of the links are suddenly not working. Also, don't forget that each of my awards on my awards page is linked to a wonderful cat site as well.

Shopcats' Home Pages:
Library Cats Like my page, but only cats from libraries. They have a video out now too.
Sessa's Page A page of FAQ's answered by Sessa herself.
Shoelace's Page A costume store
cat who used to live in Russia!
Beatrice the theatre cat has been in many plays at the Vokes Theater in Wayland, Massachusetts
Presta & Schrader's page: See Presta & Schrader as kittens!
The Inn Cats page By the same person who wrote Purrfect Places to Stay.

Collected Works bookstore has a cat although they don't ever say his name...
Eaton of Animal Rescue of Kalamazoo has his own page.

Tootie the Fax Cat is a cat you have to read about to believe. This is one of my favorites.
Zia and Chloe work at a store with a webcam. Maybe you'll catch them on camera!
Dewey Readmore has his own page too! With rules for cats who run libraries and his job description.
Dusty has a page with lots of great pictures. My favorite is the complaint department.
Ghost Shopcat story read about a shopcat ghost! From our friends at the Library Cats site.
Sobi A new favorite of mine. This person takes BEAUTIFUL cat pictures. Some are shopcats.
Gloucester Cathedral At the bottom of the page is a picture of their shopcat.
Auddie has his own page now too!
War Bird Bob is a shopcat in an airplane hangar!
Skylight Books has a kitty named Lucy.

Animal Welfare:
Best Friends A wonderful place that shelters and adopts out. They also have a sponsorship program.
Bluebell Foundation A retirement home for cats who can't be adopted. Wonderful pictures.
Humane Society The main page for the national organization.
Actioncat A site about stopping cruelty to animals.
PETA health charities that don't test on animals
Campus Cat Coalition Controlling the feral cat population.

The Animal Rescue Site is a place to visit every day. Click the button and feed animals in need. All paid for by sponsors.
Purrfect Companions an adoption site for kitties.

Cat Health
Plants and Your Cat A list of plants poisonous to your kitty.
Pet insurance explained.
Our Happy Cat is a great site for all kinds of cat info including cat health.

General Cat Information:
The Dog Hause All kinds of info about raising your pets, health info, and fun stuff too.
Waltham Pet care information on cats, dogs, and birds.

The Cat Museum A real museum in the Amsterdam, filled with cat art.
Catsitting a great list of places that will board your cat or people who will sit for them.

Humorous Cat Stuff:
Claude the Cat Excellent pictures and stories taken from the book Claude by Randy Moravec.
Freddie Street Cats Extremely silly fun.
Cats in Movies A few cats from real movies. Pictures and info.
Madison the Genius Madison will answer your questions and tell you how to run your life.
Cat Cam A camera on the cat's food bowl. Will he be there when you peek in on him?
Cat's Meow: has some cat sounds
The CATS! Click on "bios" here to see some great cat pictures and read their stories.
Flippy's Pages cat quotes, pictures, etiquette, recipes, tributes, and much more.
Annie's page Check out these movies of Annie.
Cat obituary Read what these owners did for their beloved kitty
Cat Club See what's going on at the cat club: jokes, pictures, health info, etc.
Rate My Kitten Thousands of pictures of cats and kittens. Rate them on a scale from 1-10 and see the Top 20.
Kittycam another place you can go to see live kitty pictures. This one features 5 cats.
Interactive Kitty uses flash to follow your cursor around. Try these instructions.
Kittensytes Pictures of kittens.
Felix Screenmate Add Felix, a cat food brand mascot to your desktop.
My Cat Hates You a site with less than pretty kitties. Very funny.
General fun and forums at wonderpet.
Catnip Chronicles a monthly felizine.
The Infinite Cat Project cats looking at other cats, looking at other cats...
Tree Decorating 101 a new favorite of mine. Iris and Fern are your teachers.

Cat Graphics:
Hee Yun's Graphic Collection: my background and some of my icons came from here
Catstuff Graphics
Blue Cat Graphics: Where I got my new kitty search icon... with a couple of changes by me.

Cat Stuff For Sale A great place to look for cat toys. Search by personality or breed!
Fantastic Felines A huge array of Laurel Burch products.
Scooter Z's Pet Accessories
Top Cats

Awesome Kitty Towers Great cat trees. And just look at those models!
Smith Industry Trees More cat trees for sale, and some lovely cats modeling on the trees!
Cat Clocks
Bubba's Love Catnip

Tails by the Lake Great products for cats and dogs!
Woof and Meow Shop "The best priced quality gifts for animal lovers and pet supplies online" has great cat trees for sale!
Kitten t-shirts hand dyed and completely organic.
Fine Pet ID Tags for your cats and dogs
Catnip Toys a great site with lots of fun toys
Tag Xpress good prices on tags, but warning, there's music on the home page.

Kitty City has all kinds of great stuff for sale... for you and the cats!
Pets Odor Free has all kinds of product to take away pet smells.
Pet ID Tags is one more place you can go to get ID tags for your pet.
Cozy Cat Furniture lots of great furniture for your furry friend.
Dog Tags Another place that has ID tags for your pet, either dog or cat.
Casie Cat Furniture More fun play towers for your kitty.
Pet Doors has all kinds of doors for your cat or dog.
Pet Products Lots of them!
Seapets a pet store in the UK

Beds and Toys for your special kitty.
Medi-Vet supplies you might get from your veterinarian.
Catsmopolitan supplies for th discriminating kitty.


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