Seattle, Washington

Fred is the shopcat for Kirk Feed in Burien, Washington. He came to the store as a kitten in 1993. He likes to sleep on the stack of food bags (he always chooses the highest one), has a special toy he goes wild for, and likes to be petted... especially cheek rubs. He doesn't like one of the managers, and can't stand dogs in his store. One time a poodle came in and saw him on the stack of food bags. The poodle slowly walked toward the back room, with Fred slowly following him. Once they both got to the back room they took off in full flight. Fred made sure that poodle knew who was in charge. He's fought with other cats and dogs too. Once he even needed surgery after a fight! But don't worry about him, at 15 1/4 pounds, he can take care of himself.

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