Seattle, Washington

Hedorah works at Hypno Video in Seattle, Washington. She was named after a monster from Godzilla vs the Smog Monster. (The name in Japanese means "filth" or "pollution", which they thought was funny because when she was tiny she could get under the bookshelves and she would come out covered in dust and dirt.) Hedorah lives right next door to another shopcat, Ophelia. Ophelia can't go past her front door, so Hedorah likes to go over and taunt her. Hedorah is cranky and has very bad manners, which is funny because she would much rather be at the store than at home. We guess she likes it better because she she needs her daily dose of adoration, and also, she can snub people if she wants. Hedorah loves baby strollers. She will climb into any stroller she sees, occupied or not. Once she hid inside a stroller and went out the door inside of it. Now the owner has to be much more watchful when strollers are in the store. Hedorah has more stories that are hilarious. Read more about her here.


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