Seaside, Oregon

Gilbert has lived at the Gilbert Inn in Seaside, Oregon since just after it opened in 1992. He was found outside in the winter, a skinny stray kitten with frostbitten paws. The owner opened the front door, and he walked right in. He didn't go outside for the rest of the winter. Gilbert has a favorite chair in the lobby of the inn, and can almost always be found there. The other place he enjoys is outside on the front lawn, or hiding in the bushes. He considers the yard his domain and every fall when landscapers come to fix it up a bit, he sits on the front porch and scowls at them. Gilbert also enjoys visiting guests in their rooms. He'll go up the stairs, stop at the first door, and meow until someone opens it. Then he'll spend some quality time there, and when he leaves, he'll go to the next door and meow. If no one answers, he'll move on to the next door. Gilbert also lives with Spot, whom he tolerates.

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