Galveston, Texas

Gus works at Galveston Bookshop in Galveston, Texas. "He was found in the fender well of a car parked outside of our bookstore in June of 2002. He was about 6 weeks old then and we took him in and got him to the vet's. He had to undergo several weeks of antibiotics to lick an infection he had picked up outside and then he recovered nicely. He is quite at home in the bookstore and is very tolerant of the many people who want to pet him and play with him. The most common remark made by visitors to our store, when they see him sleeping on a chair is, 'He looks just like our cat (so-and-so),' and I suspect that Gus finds this tedious. The second most frequent remark is, 'Is that cat real?' I can't explain why people would think he is not real". Story and picture sent in by Paul Randall of Galveston, Tx.


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