Dallas, Texas

"When Shadow was about 9 ½ years old he came to the store to board for several months because his owner at the time was gutting her house and rebuilding it. 3 ½ months later, the owner had called and told us she would pay up her bill, but wanted us to drop him off at a shelter. Anne, the store owner, didn’t have the heart to take the chance of leaving it to a shelter to find a good home for an older cat so we kept him at the store. When we felt he was ready, we tried to find him a loving home and did adopt him out. Unfortunately, the families were not prepared for such a stubborn boy. After his third attempted adoption, he was returned to the store and we decided his true home was with us here at the Cat Connection (and he couldn’t be happier.) Now at the age of 15, he is our pride and joy. When he first came to stay with us he was overweight, covered in dry skin and dander, and even had weevils in his food. Several months ago, Shadow was diagnosed with a hyperthyroid condition and had to undergo chemotherapy. He has bounced back and is better than ever. He is now at his ideal weight, has a beautiful coat and healthy skin and is in fantastic health. We love this cat!" Story and pictures sent in by Kristin of the Cat Connection.


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