Orangevale, California

Pepper has been working at Evart Crown and Bridge, a dental lab, since he was 8 weeks old in 1998. "He belongs to my daughter and spends most of his time at home, but comes in to work at the dental lab I own during the day. He loves to ride in the car on his way in to work. Pepper is also known as Pep-pep and spends most of his time looking out the window and sleeping, of course. He also enjoys meeting the occasional delivery person that comes in. He is very friendly. The picture of him laying was taken one day when a pesky blue jay was teasing him from the other side of the window. This particular bird would show up as soon as he saw that Pepper was at work and pace back and forth just inches away from Pep-pep, but safe behind the glass, and squawk at him. The picture shows a visibly agitated Pepper as this bird was very precocious." Story and pictures sent in by Tim Evart of Orangevale, California.


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