Cloe the Menace
Salt Lake City, Utah

status: retired

"Cloe The Menace has worked at Edinburgh Castle since December of 2001. She likes to sleep a lot, and loves attention from customers. She liked sleeping in our store window, but after causing about $1500 damage she was permanently barred from going in the window. She enjoyed the Winter Olympics in February in 2002, and the many international hands that pet her. Cloe's original name was Chrissie, but one day her name was changed to Cloe. We added "The Menace" to her name because of her destructive nature. She likes to eat rubber bands, so there are no rubber bands in sight. She likes to sit on the computer monitor, so one day it will blow up after being filled with cat hair. She likes to get her hair on everything, so we have many lint rollers. This is Cloe and if you want to come see the Menace you can." Story and pictures sent in by the staff of Edinburgh Castle in Salt Lake City, Utah.


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