Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Myrtle lives at Cordova Ridge B&B with her friend Auddie. "Myrtle was the second cat in Zandra's son Clarke's vet clinic and they prefer to have one clinic cat only.  Zandra fell in love with her because of her purr engine like Auddie's and the fact that she totally relaxes as soon as you pick her up and lay her on her back in your arms.  I joked that she belonged in Saskatchewan because her polydactyl feet are natural snowshoes but she brought her home anyhow. Auddie avoided her for six months but he's starting to tolerate her now.  Myrtle is his personal fitness trainer now because the only exercise he gets is when Myrtle goes over to his chair and teases his tail or stands up and has slap fights with him." Story sent in by Dennis Johnson of Victoria, BC

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