Victoria, BC Canada

Auddie came to Cordova Ridge B&B in Victoria, BC in the summer of 1999 when he was 6 months old or a year. He loves water of every kind and likes to sleep in the sink. One time Auddie had been missing for a while when the owners got a call from a group home nearby. "Are you missing a cat?" they asked. "He's in our sink and he won't leave!" Auddie tends to get in the way. For instance he will lay directly in the path of refrigerator installers. He is a very lovey boy and loves to get attention from guests. We spoiled him rotten while we were there. We let him sleep in our room (even though he's not supposed to... we put a towel down on the beautiful white bedspread, but as you can see by the pictures, he didn't always sit on it). Auddie usually only likes dry food. So the owners were quite surprised when once Auddie made off with a chicken breast that a guest had just prepared for dinner! It really hit the spot.

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