Portland, Oregon

Luna was rescued from an abusive owner. The girl who owned Luna had a boyfriend who would do horrible things to Luna. He even ran her over with the car once, breaking her back. They took her to the vet and almost put her to sleep. Instead, the girl took her home and Luna just crawled up on a speaker and stayed there for two weeks. After that she was all better. I'm not sure of the transition, but I think the girl was trying to find a new home for the cat because of the boyfriend. Cat's Meow came to the rescue. They had recently had two shopcats (Mr. Muddles & Miss Clarity), but they had retired. Luna took their place. She does a fine job of keeping customers entertained during the day, and keeping herself entertained at night (she knocks down cannisters of balls and plays with them all over the store). Cat's Meow hired Luna early in 1998, when she was about 5 years old.

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