Manhattan, Kansas

Boxer lives and works at Atomic Age in Manhattan, KS. He tests and rates each piece of vintage furniture. Sofas and platform rockers are his favorites. He also oversees the inspection of inventory, both new and vintage. Boxer was plucked from the Garden City Animal Shelter by Siamese Rescue of Kansas in March of 2000. He was adopted by the owners of Atomic Age, who quickly learned that he *had* to live at the store, because he refused to coexist with their large dog, preferring instead to try to kill the dog. So he has been working full time at the store since Labor Day of 2000. Boxer let his people know there was a stray kitten outside on a subfreezing day. This resulted in the little kitten getting a good home with a baker at the shop across the street. Boxer is estimated to be about 10-12 years old as of 2003. He weighs 16 pounds and has one fully collapsed ear. His other ear points sideways (this is due to ear mite damage.) His eyes are huge and bright blue. What he lacks in ears and teeth, he more than makes up for in personality. He's a neck hugger and ear kisser. People come by all the time to hug this big boy and tell him secrets. He always listens. Boxer is in the foreground in the picture of two cats. The other cat is his buddy Rorschach, who belongs to friends of Boxer's people.


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