Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Cece works at the communication center of a Victoria Police station. In May of 2001, on a very rainy night, she jumped into a patrol car and was given a ride to the police station where she decided to make her home. Luckily, the police chief has been very understanding and let her stay. Everyone at the police station loves her. When she first arrived, everyone wanted to give her treats when they saw her. She didn't mind this a bit, of course, but she was getting a bit fat, so they had to go to a feeding schedule and disallow such frequent treats. Cece loves to go out on the patio and roll around, catch bugs, or climb the wisteria and visit the deputy chief's office. She also likes to race around the room, into a bag, and slide across the floor. Cece is comic relief and a great stress-reducer for people who can have very stressful days answering 9-1-1 calls. Some days she likes to get in laundry bags and be dragged all over the floor, and she doesn't mind being spun around in chairs. Cece has created a very close family atmosphere in the police station and no one there would have it any other way.

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