San Francisco, California

Morgana works with Ibid at the Solar Light bookstore in San Francisco, California. She was born in 1998 and has been at Solar Light since mid-2001. She had a litter of kittens, and they were all given away. So when Ibid came, a couple of months old, he was about the right age to be one of her kittens and she accepted him right away. She treats him like her own son. One time, Ibid had gone into the bathroom and unrolled most of the toilet paper. He was having a great time. She walked up to him and cuffed him on the head. Then she sat down in the middle of the floor and meowed loudly. It's as if she was saying, "There's a big mess here! Could someone with thumbs please come clean it up?" Morgana is more laid back than Ibid and prefers the back of the store to the front. There she can sit around like a "cat meatloaf" and get petted by customers. She will roll on her side and show you her fat tummy without much persuasion. When she plays, she only likes the laser pointer. She will not play with any other kitty toy. But she loves people and gets along well with everyone, even children.

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