Albany, New York

Jesse was part of a massive rescue attempt by the Save-a-Pet program run by Shaker Veterinary Hospital of Albany, New York. A nice old lady had 110 cats, but wasn't able to take care of them very well. She was even forgoing supplies for herself to feed the cats. Fortunately, all the cats were rescued from the home and almost all of them were placed in loving homes. Jesse was a bit too feral to be placed and, after three years at the clinic, is just starting to let himself be petted. He jumps on the manager's lap and nudges her hand when he's ready to be petted. He'll stay 5 or 10 minutes, then he's done. He likes to sleep in the pile of cats and dogs on the couch, or in his hidey-hole on the scratching post. He works with his buddies Stanley and CD.
( Note: Jesse was rescued as a kitten in 1996.)


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