Concrete, Washington

"Castro showed up at work in March of 2002. He was approximately 7 months old. He adopted the employees at Puget Sound Energy here in Concrete, WA. Since that time he has managed to endear himself to everyone. He loves to bring us presents... shrews, mice and snakes! We are a hydroelectric dam facility. We also run a "visitor's center" for people to come and learn about how we transport fish. Castro loves to greet people and is especially great with the kids. He also loves to help out in the office...counting papers as they come off the printer and checking out which faxes have come in. His favorite spot to have a nap on is the fleece covered box lid on the counter! He lives to tease "Mick" the resident cockatiel and his favorite drinking bowl is the one "Beta" - the fish lives in. Castro doesn't let a little thing like a plastic lid stop him from getting his drink! He is constantly flinging that lid every which way. Castro has his own personal PSE ID tag, complete with picture and employee #0000. He also has his own "comic book" written about him by Joyce Harris (a summer temp. and local Rockport resident). Pictures by Ron Twiner, story by the staff at P.S.E.

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