Tacoma, Washington

Moose and Samantha were both born in 1996 and came to Pets n Pals in Tacoma, Washington as kittens. They look a lot a like, but they are not related... more like "husband and wife". Moose weighs a strapping 13 pounds. He likes to hunt. He can often be seen carrying such things as frogs and mice in his mouth, but he never eats them. He prefers to eat the fish food! He has been known to rip open bags of koi food and eat it right there on the floor. He likes to sleep on the counter or in the bins of cat food samples. He has an attitude too. He likes to play roughly. You can be petting him nicely, when all of a sudden he'll whirl around and swat you. Overall, he's a nice boy though. A little camera-shy, but nice.

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