Gig Harbor, Washington

Omar was brought to the store at the age of 2 weeks (probably 1995 or 1996). He was bottle fed by the owner and came to live at the store at the age of 11 weeks. He is a bit of a scaredy-cat at times. His favorite hobbies include playing with feather toys, drinking out of the aquariums, and ripping open cat food bags for "small snacks." (He doesn't eat a lot. He just does it to show he can.) One time there was a loud crash heard by the people in the store, and when they went to see what was happening a very expensive aquarium had been knocked over and Omar was running the other direction. Omar has been known to make excursions outside the store as well. He has been found many times in the nearby Payless Shoes store. His front legs are a bit wacky when he walks. He crosses them over each other. One last funny thing about Omar... he loves to be held upside down or in other weird positions. Mostly by the people who work there, but sometimes he'll let customers do it too.

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