London, England

Spencer is named after Lady Spencer, and lives at the Pembridge Court Hotel in London, England. She was born in 1990, and shares her duties with Churchill. Both cats are indoor-outdoor cats. One time Spencer was outside roaming around the neighborhood, and somehow got locked in a shed. She was there for 3 weeks. She came back very skinny and now has a flap of skin on her belly. She is the official greeter at the hotel. She loves to visit guests in their rooms, and will often go around and scratch on doors until someone lets her in. I was also told she likes Christmas Trees. One year, they had put up a tree in the corner of the lobby, and she sat in the corner under the tree, bat-bat-batting at the pretty ornaments. She and Churchill are both famous and have been written about in many magazines. They are also in the book Purr-fect Places to Stay, which you can find on my book page.

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