Martinez, California

"Willow is a 10 year old male cat, who lives at Navlet's Garden Center in Martinez, CA. He has worked for us since he was 6 weeks old. He has free run of the nursery, day and night, and supervises all the goings on... in the morning he is so thrilled to see someone that runs up meowing to whoever is in first in, and has to be picked up and cuddled while he 'tells his story' of what he did the night before. His main hobbies are sleeping on or in displays,( which often prompts the question.. 'Is that a real cat?' ), mooching lunch from employees in the break room, eating the catnip on the herb table, jumping on people's shoulders (which can be disconcerting if you aren't expecting it... he's quite large! its a habit we started when he was a kitten), investigating the back of trucks that bring us plants several times a week, and catching the odd mouse or two. Will is a wonderful cat with a great personality... slightly jaded and cranky at times, sure, but at his age he's earned the right!" Story and pictures sent in by Karen Prindle.

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