Seattle, Washington

Ramona is the manager of Marleys, a surf shop in Seattle, Washington. She was born in 1992 and has been at Marley's ever since it opened in 1994. She is really good with customers. She likes to sit on her special spot on her couch, next to a cat doll who looks very much like her. She doesn't mind if you come sit next to her and pet her. She'll even work up a quiet purr in no time, and maybe even give you a little love nibble. She's good with children. She never has hissed at anyone. Ramona is quite a large cat, we're told she weighs in at 17 pounds, but I think she must weigh more than that. When she is very hungry the staff calls her "Moan-a". You can usually find her on her couch, or sleeping on her back in the front window.

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