Vancouver, British Columbia

Chrissy looks like a little kitten, but she was born in the summer of 1984! She has been working at Kestrel Books in Vancouver, BC since 1995 or 1996. She came when someone who works there needed a change of living arrangements, so she brought her kitty to the store with her. After awhile, when she finally got a house of her own, the customers all told her she couldn't take the kitty back to the house, they'd miss her too much! So Chrissy lives on at the store. She catches a mouse every now and then, and otherwise eats like a horse. She usually ignores the dogs that come in the store or teases the dogs tied up outside by sitting in the window and staring at them. One time a dog with a bit of wolf mixed in came in the store and she was fascinated by it. She was sniffing and sniffing... she couldn't get enough of this strange dog. Luckily, it was well trained and didn't mind her getting so close to him. She is a lovey girl who likes to be petted, but not picked up. She will purr for you if you pet her while she's lying in one of her favorite spots.

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