Skykomish, Washington

Jiggs works at Homestead Vintage Stove Co. in Skykomish, Washington. He shares his duties with Rosie. Jiggs came to the shop as a kitten in the fall of 2002, and might possibly be Rosie's nephew. His job is Head Salesman/Inspector. Jiggs is very playful and loves to play in paper bags and in the stoves. He'll go into the flues and come out the oven doors. He also likes to play with his toy mouse. When we were there, he ran after it and brought it back to us 10-12 times in a row. He needed a little rest, and then he'd do it all over again. Sometimes he'll hide his mousie in shoes, too. One of the silliest things he's done is to record an incoming message on the answering machine. He must have stepped on a record button or something because when the owners got home and saw the message, they heard about 3 minutes of meowing.

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