Princess "of Quite A Lot" Demo
Mt. Vernon, Washington

Princess Demo lives in Mt. Vernon, Washington at the Highland Animal Clinic. Her picture and story were sent in by Don Johnson of Mt Vernon. She came to the clinic as a kitten in 1992 needing a loving home. Now she's running the place. "Her weight problem began when she figured out that all of those food bags we had around the clinic (to sell to other cats and dogs) were really there for her to rip into at all hours of the day and night, and then for her to go eat to her heart's content. We do keep her on diet food, but....... We all love her very much and many clients ask about her when they come in. She has a very 'grouchy' meow and will not be quiet until she gets what she wants - hence her name - the Princess of Quite a Lot! Still, Demo does purr quite a lot, too!" (bio by Angela Lenz, an employee at the clinic.)

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