Don the Manager
Tacoma, Washington
status: retired

When Good Kitty/Bad Kitty opened in Tacoma in 1995, the owner advertised for a "black and white manager." A friend showed up with Don the Manager. He had wandered in to her house through the cat door and would not leave. Now he has his own office and many admirers (what more could a cat want?). His approximate birthdate is 1989. He has extra toes, which he and the owner call "fancy feet." He stays inside the store, mostly in his office, but he does run around a bit in the morning. He got put in "detention" for a couple weeks because he shot out the door one day and was found several doors down in another store. By the way, don't ever call him "Don." It's ALWAYS Don the Manager.

Note: Don the Manager retired when the owner closed the shop. He now lives with one of his adoring fans and gets plenty of one-on-one attention.

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