Seattle, Washington
status: retired

Booger lives at Freedonia Books (formerly Twice Sold Tales) in downtown Seattle. She was born in 1995. She got her name from the large "eye boogers" she often gets (the store actually has a collection of them if you'd like to see them!). She, however, prefers to be called "Your Highness." She is an acrobatic jumper, and also likes to climb the shelves in the bookstore. She can often be found showing herself off high on the shelves, or in the store window. She climbs the large ladders at night, walks down the shelves to a high ledge, and disappears into the back room.

Note: We're not quite sure what happened to Booger. One day we noticed the store was closed and gone. If anyone knows where she is and how she's doing, we'd be glad to hear about her. (June 2000)

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