Salado, Texas

"Eddy-puss is in charge of a combination antiques shop, book shop and Episcopal chapel. The shop/chapel is located in Salado, Texas, and it’s called Fletcher’s Books and Antiques. Ed, as he likes to be called best, is about 8 years old and has been on the job approximately 6 years. He also runs the chapel in the back yard, which is a working church, where services are held three times a week. He wears his clerical vestments at all times and likes to sit in the priest’s sedilia (chair) near the altar during services. Ed is an “artificial Manx” cat, meaning that he lost his tail somewhere, somehow in the past and makes do with only a stub. However, in no way does this slow him down. One of his favorite jobs is catching live baby rabbits, perhaps in the field beside the shop/chapel, and then letting them go inside the shop, to the amusement and consternation of his shop assistant, Tyler Fletcher." Story and pictures sent in by Esta Hansen of Salado, Texas.

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