The Beast
Tucson, Arizona

The Beast works at Feline Ltd. Cat Clinic in Tucson, Arizona. "I met The Beast in April of 1996 when I interviewed for a job at Feline Ltd. Cat Clinic in Tucson AZ as a veterinary assistant. It was evident to me upon introduction that he was not a 'beast' at all, but a most glorious creature. He was regal and majestic. He greeted me each morning of my employment at the cat hospital by making scratching motions against the front window while standing up on his hind legs. We began each work day together with a big embrace and smooch. This was followed swiftly by breakfast, one of The Beast's favorite meals. For years now, The Beast has greeted clients and patients, served as chief administrator, and as security cat. He has also saved the lives of numerous cats as a blood donor kitty. Beastie has a great big personality to match his enormous purr. He still resides at Feline Ltd., under the care of Dr. Denise Upchurch DVM. It is the home he has known for many of his (approximately 15) years. I no longer work with Beast full time, but I spend Sundays and holidays with him. I visit him frequently for cuddles and cat treats. I am a slave to his cat love, only one of his many fans." Story and picture sent in by Natalie Comerford Dadey of Tucson, Arizona.


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