Mrs. Fanny Purrbright
Victoria, British Columbia
status: retired

Casually known as Fanny. She was given to Fan Tan Gallery (in Victoria, BC) by a vet in 1987. She was 2 at the time. Now that she's an older kitty, she doesn't like to be touched much, because it hurts her. In her heyday, though, she would chase guide dogs around the store. A couple of times she got mad that she had been left alone over the weekend with no one to visit, so she decided to take her frustration out on the window display. There was a papier maché duck in the window over Easter holiday, and she chewed its beak right off! Another time she used the Zen garden display in the window as a litterbox. Other than that, she is described by those who love her as "noble". She is definitely the Queen of Everything.

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