Miss Duane Reade
New York City, New York

Actually, this kitty really has no name. She has worked at Duane Reade since June of 1997, but nobody ever gave her a name! She lives in the lap of luxury; all the free cat food she wants, and all the medicine she needs. Plus, there are perks too. She gets to eat all the mice she can catch and gets adored by the customers as well. One of the employees said she just calls her "Miss Duane Reade". Apparently, this little kitty is more like a guard dog than a cat. The pharmacy is downstairs, and when anyone heads down there, she's right on their heels, stalking them. She was already grown when they got her for the store, so no one is really sure how old she is. You can tell she's real shy too...just look at these demure pictures!

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