Cochrane, Alberta, Canada

"Norman works at the Cochrane Humane Society as a companion animal tester,paper weight and cat adoption inspector. Norman has worked at the shelter since 1997. When he arrived he was very frightened and he was almost euthanized as a feral cat. In the nick of time he started to show the slightest signs of improvement so staff worked with him and he's been there ever since. Norman has become quite well known at the shelter. He dislikes having his picture taken though so he often looks a bit peeved in the photographs - except when he's eating as this is his favorite pastime. Norman has worked hard at the paperweight training and has become very good at it. The staff who work in the offices that Norman patrols will tell you he's the best in his field! He also acts as a tester to determine how well a potential dog or cat adoptee may get along with cats. Since we often don't know the history of the animals that come into our shelter, Norman helps us fill in some blanks. This is a slightly risky job but Norman is very brave and is quick to disappear if faced with an unfriendly animal! Lastly, Norman is our cat adoption inspector. He lives full time in the cat adoption trailer and therefore sees everyone who comes in to look at adopting a cat. If he truly doesn't like someone who comes into the trailer he will hide in the kitchen cupboards!" Story and pictures submitted by Andrea Lee.

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