Centralia, Washington

status: retired

Bubba takes his job very seriously. He works at Clementine's, and antique store in Centralia, Washington. Bubba sits by the door and waits for customers to come in. When they do, he follows them around and lets them pet him. Sometimes he will babysit, playing with little kids while the mother shops. He loves to be petted and held, and will purr almost immediately for you when you pet him. Bubba has been manager of Clementine's since 1998, when he took over for a recently departed and well-loved shopcat there. He was about 6 years old at the time. He weighs a whopping 18 pounds. He loves his feather toy, and will sometimes jump for it. He will run to you if you call him. Bubba just really loves people. And catnip. Once a woman came in the store who had recently been walking through a garden of catnip. Bubba rubbed against her legs, flopped on her feet, and when she started to walk away, he clamped onto her leg and she had to drag him around the store!

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