Charleston, South Carolina

Henry lives at Chapter Two Bookstore in Charleston, South Carolina. He is a male that was rescued in 1999. At that time, he was about 9 months old. "He is so totally at home in the bookstore and has been since the first day. He loves meeting new people and always wants to be in the middle of all activity. His favorite activity, other than sleeping and eating, is to find a visitor on the couch and climb up on their lap and snuggle under their chin. He also loves hanging out in the front window which is set up like a living room, with couch etc. Many people walking by assume that he is stuffed, because he does sleep rather soundly and enjoys many odd positions of rest. Our bookstore is in Charleston SC and we don't know how we ever survived without Henry. He makes our days special in so many ways." Story and pictures sent in by Susan Davis of Charleston, South Carolina.

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