Victoria, BC, Canada

Simba works at the Cambridge Guest House with her sister Nikita. Their owner sent in this information about Simba: "Simba is a blue point Siamese who loves people and is personality plus. This little cat seems to take her job seriously and makes a point of greeting guests when they arrive, and she follows them into their room. Being on the second floor does not detour this little terror and she has been known to terrify people by going through the upstairs bedroom window in the middle of the night. Simba likes to be where the action is at all times and loves to go for a ride in the car. Last year Simba got into a stranger's car and was gone for a whole week before she found her way home. Simba, being vocal usually gets her own way and often demands to share the bed with guests and is known to try and hang on their shoulders while they eat their breakfasts. There are several people in my neighborhood who walk by our house just to have a chat and a cuddle with Simba, she goes running when they whistle and then acts like a queen being adored by her 'subjects'. Our home would be a dull, not to mention quiet place without Simba."

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