Seattle, Washington

Celica lives at the Burien Toyota parts department in Seattle, Washington. She is queen of the place and has to have things her way. She has been known to chase 8 year-old boys out of the building as well as a rottweiller. Her favorite toy is a zip-tie. If anyone makes a noise with a zip-tie, she'll come running. She'll chase the toy and bring it back to you to throw again (don't say "fetch", that's a dog word!) She's also very good at catching the zip tie in the air. When she chases after the toy, she'll scamper on the floor trying to get traction, but then she'll slide as soon as she's got it. It's very entertaining to watch. Here's what her owners have to say about her history: "We found Celica in January of 1999. Becky Johnson, my assistant manager, and myself, stopped at a "Park and Ride" late one cold, wet, windy evening, on our way home. Becky spotted something on the side of the road, in a wide gravel area, and stopped. She found a tiny little wet fur ball, huddled down in the gravel. Becky looked up at me, with this "Oh please Daddy, can we keep it", type look, and I said "Yes, if I can name it". Celica sounded like a good name to me, and that was that. Becky took her home, and to the vet and generally nursed this little kitten to good health, and once healthy, brought her into the parts department, where she's been ever since. I believe she was a wild cat, probably wandered out of the nest, somewhere up on the hillside, above the road, and probably would have been dead in a couple of hours. She's a bit testy at times, must be the wild cat in her, but is generally well behaved and tolerates the petting and stroking of our customers. I have many customers who will come in and have to see Celica, before they will talk to us."

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