Redmond, Washington
status: retired

Kiel (pronounced like Kyle) lives in the Bosley's pet store in Redmond, Washington. He was born in March of 1989, and came to the store as a kitten. He is a big fluffy boy, and used to be much heavier, but has since lost 7 pounds. His nickname is Slug. He is picky about his food; he only likes certain kinds of dry cat food and fruit. He gets his exercise by running around the store after someone shaking his dinner bowl. He was the only cat at Bosley's for a few years until Spanky came along. Kiel wasn't very pleased at first, but now they get along fine. Kiel can usually be found in the cat trees around the store but has also been known to go visiting. He has been seen in the Mexican restaurant before, and gotten locked inside the nearby furniture store for one night. He likes pets and has an easy purr.

Note: Kiel went to work in a warehouse. I don't know why. I'm not sure if he was getting in to too many food bags or what, but he still manages a store... just not one we can visit.

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