Bay St. Louis, Mississippi

"Toggles (also known as Sweet Babboo and Togman), is a lovable male who first appeared in our shop September of 2001 as a 6 week-old kitten whose mouth had been severely injured after being thrown out of a car. Under the loving care of the store's employees and our vet, he was nursed back to health and quickly became a hit with our customers ('bead people' are also 'cat people' you know!) We held a 'name the cat' contest, so Toggles got his name from a type of clasp used in jewelry making. And of course one of his favorite places to observe is from the 'toggles display' in front of the window. When he is not observing, he greets customers (sometimes by pawing on their legs!), assists in classes, helps package and price beads, and chooses the winners in store drawings. We are glad to say his mouth has healed nicely, and now he is quite a gourmet. His favorite foods are cheese, kiwi-flavored yogurt, and anything you are eating, especially Krispy Kreme doughnuts!" Story and pictures sent in by Jan Mrachek of Bay St. Louis, Missouri.

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