Seattle, Washington

Oscar was born in 1984 and came to the Beyond the Closet Bookstore when he was a kitten. He can go in and out as he pleases by means of a secret kitty door hidden under one of the bookshelves. Inside the store, he is laid back, lovey, and will let you pet him as he lies down and purrs. One of his favorite places to nap is on a table full of books. Most people think Oscar is a real easygoing guy. However... outside the store he is a wild man! He is quite a hunter and will bring back little animals, alive and dead. He also has quite a few notches on his ears. One time, one of his ears had to be sewn back on! The only time he becomes a wild man inside the store is when a dog comes in. He will jump off the counters right on to the backs of unsuspecting dogs! He is fearless.

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