Louie Lovejoy
Bainbridge Island, Washington

"Louie Lovejoy- A fine specimen of black and white, with a healthy shimmer to his coat. Louie began working at Bainbridge Gardens in the spring of 2001. His pet human, Ann Lovejoy, had taken a position of partner at the destination nursery. When the nursery went completely organic, a position opened up that was right up Louie's alley, vermin control. Louie has excelled at his job, and expanded his job description. He can regularly be found greeting and escorting customers around the grounds, and shooing birds away from berry-laden plants. Always ready to help those in need, Louie shares his warmth on cold early spring mornings by gracefully draping himself around the shoulders of the watering crew. A popular figure with children, he helps entertain small hands while parents shop. Recognizing his "Pop Star" qualities, the nursery started selling an item not regularly seen in this type of store, a buckwheat filled microwaveable neck warmer, in Louie's black and white image." Picture and story sent in by Mary Camp of Bainbridge Island.


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